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Where to dance at Stanford? Autumn 2016

October marks the beginning of the school-year Stanford. Yes, it actually started late September, but does the first week of school count?

With Fall quarter starting, many student dance groups are back to dancing indoors! Here’s a week-view of all dance events I know of at Stanford. Let me know if I missed any since I may not know everything! Continue reading “Where to dance at Stanford? Autumn 2016”


Dance Spot – Los Salseros de Stanford

This is part of the Dance Spot series highlighting different places to go dancing in SF Bay Area.

Dance Spot: Los Salseros de Stanford Salsa Workshops
Price: FREE
Time: Thursdays
* 7pm - 8pm Beginner class
* 8pm - 9pm Intermediate class
* 9pm - 10pm Social!
Location: Bechtel International Center (Assembly Room)
584 Capistrano Way, Stanford, CA 94305
>>>Time and location change every quarter. Check their Facebook Group for the latest.<<<

I originally thought Los Salseros de Stanford were not having events this summer, but found out a few weeks ago that they were holding workshops on Thursday nights. After updating where to dance at Stanford this summer?, I finally made it out there! Continue reading “Dance Spot – Los Salseros de Stanford”

Dance Spot – Fish and Farm Fridays

This is the seventh in a series of Dance Spot posts highlighting different places to go dancing in SF Bay Area.

Dance Spot: Fish and Farm Fridays
Price: Free, but buying food/drinks highly encouraged
Time: Fridays 6-9pm
Location: Downstairs of Fish and Farm, 424 Clay Street, San Francisco, CA 94111

DSC00751 (2)Last Friday, I was up in San Francisco for a day. So I decided to go dancing there! A friend told me Fish and Farm Fridays just started having dances a few weeks ago. Continue reading “Dance Spot – Fish and Farm Fridays”

Dance Spot – Stanford West Coast Swing

>>West Coast Swing classes at Stanford have wrapped up as of Sept. 2016.<<

Here’s a list of places recommended by the organizers:

The best place to get comprehensive, ongoing information is the Next Generation Swing Dance Council calendar:
As you can see, we are lucky to have many, many options. Here are just a few:
Miguel de Sousa, our instructor at Stanford, also has weekly Thursday classes and a dance at Starlite in Santa Clara! This is one of the closest WCS classes to Stanford. Please see:
– Mission City Swing in SF by Eric B. Jacobson has weekly Wednesday classes and a dance (plus sometimes a weekend practice). See:
– WnY (Warren and Yenni‘s) Warehouse in Novato on Tuesday nights has classes plus a big dance. See:
Richard Kear has classes and a dance on Mondays at Dance Boulevard:
– Two Left Feet has a WCS dance every Friday night, among many other events:
– There are many, many other weekly and monthly events including those organized by Michelle Kinkaid, Michelle Crozier, Shanna Porcari, the Next Gen Club, Mike Pyle, Kelly Cassanova, and even more people than I can write here. So go look at the calendar and figure out what will work for your schedule and location… and see you soon on the dance floor!

Continue reading “Dance Spot – Stanford West Coast Swing”

Dance Spot – Stanford Lindy Project

This is the third in a series of Dance Spot posts highlighting different places to go dancing.

Dance Spot: Stanford Lindy Project
Price: Free
Time: Saturdays
* 11:30AM - Beg & Int Lessons
* 12:30PM - DJ'ed dancing
Location: In front of White Memorial Fountain ("The Claw") outside Stanford Bookstore

On Saturday, I joined the Stanford Lindy Project for an afternoon of Swing dancing at Stanford. While they’ve been on Saturday nights in Hacienda Commons by graduate housing during the school year, they’ve migrated Continue reading “Dance Spot – Stanford Lindy Project”

Dance Spot – Stanford Ceili

This is the second in a series of Dance Spot posts highlighting different places to go dancing.

Dance Spot: Stanford Ceili
Price: Free
- Tuesdays 7-9pm lessons + social dancing
- Thursdays 8:30-10:30pm social dancing only, but beginners welcome
Location: different places throughout Stanford (check website)

On Tuesday, I went to Stanford Ceili‘s monthly All-Dance Ceili. Ceili is an Irish dance similar to Continue reading “Dance Spot – Stanford Ceili”

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