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Welcome to Joy Dance. This blog aims to make dance more accessible by creating online resources for people interested in dancing. Read more about me on the About page.

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Calendar of dance events

I’ve recently noticed a lot of dance events on facebook. It is especially handy now that I have many dancing friends on facebook, because facebook will recommend dance events popular to my friends. I didn’t see these events before, and there could many reasons.

One possible reason is I didn’t have enough dancing friends on facebook to get these events before. And this may be true for other dancers, so I want to help them by gathering these events in one handy calendar listed on the SF Bay Area Dancing page in the navigation menu for easy access. Continue reading “Calendar of dance events”

Learn by going 15% outside of your comfort zone

As I read Richard Powers’ teaching tips, I am reminded of how many experiential leadership classes at Stanford emphasize going outside of our comfort zones for maximal learning.

Richard writes: Continue reading “Learn by going 15% outside of your comfort zone”

Growth, resilience, and community

A while ago, I featured Lewis in the Dancer Spotlight series. Lewis embodied so many values in dancing that I want to highlight them.


When Lewis first tried dancing as a freshman in college, he was not good at all. Continue reading “Growth, resilience, and community”

There’s no one right way to dance or coach

At Stanford Graduate School of Business, I was part of the one-year Arbuckle Leadership Fellows program that taught us how to be a coaching manager. We applied concepted learned from class by coaching each other in the program and coaching first year MBA students.

While learning coaching and dancing at the same time, I drew a lot of parallels. Continue reading “There’s no one right way to dance or coach”

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