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Experiment: Social Dance for Older Adults (Part 2)

In my last experiment post on social dance for older adults, I identified the customer need. So next in the Startup Garage design thinking proces is to come up with a point of view (POV) and then brainstorm ideas.

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Experiment: Social Dance for Older Adults (Part 1)

Some of you knows I spent my summer searching for startup ideas related to dance, and thus came up with a few experiments. One of which was highlighted in an earlier blog post on using audio cues of dance practice.

During my search, a former professional dancer and fellow alumni suggested I look into the aging population. Following the Startup Garage design thinking proces, I sought to understand customer need through exploration and immersion.

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Experiment: Audio Cues for Dance Practice

I’ve heard from several people that it’s hard to remember what they learned in lessons. So a few of us came up with an idea: use audio cues to help students remember what they learned so they can practice. I managed to get three volunteers as my guinea pigs. Continue reading “Experiment: Audio Cues for Dance Practice”

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