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Maintaining dance shoes

I started this blog by writing about my experience buying my first dance shoes. After a year of dancing multiple hours a week, the bottom of my shoes is getting flat. I thought I’d need to buy a new pair of shoes, until I saw a competitive dancer brushing the bottom of his shoes in a dance studio. Continue reading “Maintaining dance shoes”


Shirt to stay cool while dancing

As the summer turns up the heat in dance halls, I’ve discovered a secret that many athletes probably already

I recently received a workout shirt as a gift: Nike Pro Hypercool Dri-FIT Tee. Originally, I thought the perforations on the back was weird, but gave it a try anyways. As soon as I put on the shirt, I immediately felt cool. Continue reading “Shirt to stay cool while dancing”

Buying My First Dance Shoes

For years, I danced with socks or flat shoes in Social Dance classes at Stanford or Palo Alto with Richard Powers. However, after one night with 5-hours of dancing at Friday Night Waltz, I decided to get dance shoes because my feet and legs were hurting like crazy the next day. Continue reading “Buying My First Dance Shoes”

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