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October 2016

Experiment: Social Dance for Older Adults (Part 1)

Some of you knows I spent my summer searching for startup ideas related to dance, and thus came up with a few experiments. One of which was highlighted in an earlier blog post on using audio cues of dance practice.

During my search, a former professional dancer and fellow alumni suggested I look into the aging population. Following the Startup Garage design thinking proces, I sought to understand customer need through exploration and immersion.

Continue reading “Experiment: Social Dance for Older Adults (Part 1)”


Dancer Spotlight – Liz

Feature Photo: Liz and Kristin dancing at the vintage street car party with Gaucho (band) in Jane Warner Plaza, Castro, SF in September 2016. Photo credit: Rik Panganiban

This is part of the Dancer Spotlight series to show how someone got into dancing and how dancing fits into someone’s day. Continue reading “Dancer Spotlight – Liz”

Where to dance at Stanford? Autumn 2016

October marks the beginning of the school-year Stanford. Yes, it actually started late September, but does the first week of school count?

With Fall quarter starting, many student dance groups are back to dancing indoors! Here’s a week-view of all dance events I know of at Stanford. Let me know if I missed any since I may not know everything! Continue reading “Where to dance at Stanford? Autumn 2016”

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