I wrote about the benefits of hip hop for social dancers, but one part I missed in Hip Hop was the social aspect of Social Dancing. Since I didn’t sign up for Hip Hop with friends, I didn’t know anyone coming into class. As an introvert, I would easily end up with no interactions with anyone else for the entire class.

On the other hand, in social dance class, we rotate partners every few minutes. So usually I would have met half, if not all, of the students in the other role. As an interovert, this structure helps me overcome the barrier to approach someone. Of course, this still only allows me to meet only half of the class — those of the opposite role, and that’s why it’s been so awesome for me to dance nontraditional roles — I get to meet the other half of class.

dsc00445-evaMy friend, Eva, from social dance classes also likes the social part:

With Waltz, you’re just dancing for your partner. With Hip Hop, there’s always an audience even if it’s just you in front of a mirror at home.

I don’t really see Social Dance in the same category as other dances. Hip Hop is dance. Competition Ballroom is dance. Ballet is dance. Social Dance is play.

You can’t really be bad at Social Dance. There’s a sort of fun dancing with beginners that you can’t get from people with more experience because of their experience.