This is part of the Dance Spot series highlighting different places to go dancing in SF Bay Area.

Dance Spot: Los Salseros de Stanford Salsa Workshops
Price: FREE
Time: Thursdays
* 7pm - 8pm Beginner class
* 8pm - 9pm Intermediate class
* 9pm - 10pm Social!
Location: Bechtel International Center (Assembly Room)
584 Capistrano Way, Stanford, CA 94305
>>>Time and location change every quarter. Check their Facebook Group for the latest.<<<

I originally thought Los Salseros de Stanford were not having events this summer, but found out a few weeks ago that they were holding workshops on Thursday nights. After updating where to dance at Stanford this summer?, I finally made it out there!

When I arrived a few minutes late, the group was doing shine steps as a warmup with everyone facing the same direction. It was a very fun way to warmup! After warmup, the instructor explained how to do the different steps and also gave us tips on styling with our arms and body. Then we partnered up for learning basic steps and cross-body lead.

Around 8pm, a bit later than the listed time, we transitioned to intermediate class. The instructors taught two similar routines, an easy version and a “cool, hand-toss” version. I think most people were happy with getting the easy version; the complex version was probably a stretch goal.

The class ended just before 9pm, so there was only time for a handful of songs to do social dancing. People left pretty quickly and the event ended just after 9pm. I learned that the workshops are ususally held indoors during the academic year. But it’s just difficult to get rooms during the summer and thus the event is outdoors and can’t go late because it gets dark.



Salsa shines are steps danced in solo. They are often put into partnered salsa dancing in which lead and follow disconnect their handhold for a while and each do their own steps until they reconnect. In this workshop, the shine steps we practiced as part of the warm up included basic forward & back, left & right, side crossSuzie Q, and right & left turns.