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MAY 2016
CoachingThere’s no one right way to dance or coach

While learning coaching and dancing at the same time, I drew a lot of parallels.

JUNE 2016
Dancer Spotlight – Lewis

Lewis describes himself as a “Nerdy Asian kid with 2 left feet” when he first took Social Dance 1

 JULY 2016
DSC00444 (2)
Dance Spot – Friday Night Waltz

My favorite dance spot — especially if Richard Powers is teaching.

 AUGUST 2016
Dance Spot – Los Salseros de Stanford

Free salsa lessons and dancing at Stanford with a fun warmup routine.

Dancer Spotlight – Kristin

“Learning Lindy Hop gave me such a welcoming community. I’d never experienced that in my life. It literally changed my life.”

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Dancer Spotlight – Stephanie

Stephanie is the owner of Ballroom Connection and has been dancing all her life.

Dance Spot – South Bay Fusion

DSC01037 (2)
Bob emphasizes the community wants to welcome everyone by ensuring they feel safe and comfortable.

Dance Spot – Los Salseros de Stanford


The instructors taught two similar routines, an easy version and a “cool, hand-toss” version.

Dance Spot – Stanford West Coast Swing

DSC00607 (2)

A very friendly learning environment