I started this blog by writing about my experience buying my first dance shoes. After a year of dancing multiple hours a week, the bottom of my shoes is getting flat. I thought I’d need to buy a new pair of shoes, until I saw a competitive dancer brushing the bottom of his shoes in a dance studio.


Curious, I asked what he was doing. Thus I learned that I’m supposed to maintain my shoes by brushing the bottom to get out the dirt and fluff up the suede. He said this is especially needed for social dancers because social dancefloors tend to have more dirt. Yikes!

Soon enough, I searched for “dance shoe brush” on Amazon. There were not a lot of options but this one had 21 reviews and 4.5 stars. So I went ahead and ordered it: Monkeybrother Unisex Wooden Suede Sole Wire Shoe Brush Cleaner /Cleaning Brush for Dance Shoes

I remember reading online to clean shoes outdoor so the dirt that comes off doesn’t get your place dirty. Although I got this brush a few weeks ago, I wasn’t motivated to actually clean it until I almost slipped on a particularly slippery floor this week. So I found an outdoor bench by the glass and followed instructions on this YouTube videos on how to brush the shoes:

As I brushed, I could see clouds of dirt and dust flying out into the air. Wow, my shoe soles were so dirty! Initially, I started brushing gently, afraid of damaging the shoes. Then I started brushing harder as I realized brushing softly doesn’t get rid of the dirt. Over time, I saw that the flat parts were changing color from brown back to grey, and the suede was getting fluffy again. See below where the shoe on the left has a fluffy sole after geting brushed compared to the shoe on the right having a flat sole.


When I kept brushing harder, I saw the fiber from the suede was flying out into the air and knew it was time to stop. Now they’re ready for more dancing!

br005The particular brush I bought from Amazon doesn’t look particularly sophisticated, but gets the job done. Reviews commonly complain that the cloth covering the brush is small and thus the brush will snag clothes/shoes. But it is cheap at $7.99 and gets the job done and I intend to keep it in a drawer and use it only occasionally. For people who want to carry it around in their bag, consider looking into one with a fastener such as this one from Discount Dance Supply for $10.75 + shipping.

Disclaimer: I’ve never used Discount Dance Supply and cannot comment on their service/product. This is just an example of a shoe brush with a fastener.