This is part of the Dancer Spotlight series to show how someone got into dance and how dancing fits into his/her day.

Rebecca is a Computer Science student at Stanford. During her freshmen year, upperclassmen from her math community convinced her to take Social Dance 1 together. Three weeks in, Rebecca injured her ankle (not from dancing) and had to sit out on dance classes for a week. Already uncoordinated to start with, Rebecca really struggled after sitting out. Luckily, a friends helped her keep up.

Yet Rebecca continued to struggle for a whole year. Despite struggling, she continued to take Social Dance classes because her friends were taking them. Plus, she made friends in class so it was less awkward after the first quarter because she started seeing familiar faces. Initially, Rebecca often passed on dance events if she’s busy. But one day, something clicked, and Rebecca realized she started prioritizing dance events.

This past year, Rebecca decided to pursue fun extracurricular activities, and joined Stanford Viennese Ball Opening Committee. From this activity, she made many friends and loves dancing with them at social dance events.

On Friday, Rebecca was filled with anticipation as she goes about her day. She was looking forward to a social dance event later that night. In the morning, Rebecca got her exercise in by biking to her internship. Then she spent her day coding on her project and enjoying culture day at work, including eating cupcakes. After dinner, she happily caught up with friends at the event and enjoyed dancing with them. As the evening ends, Rebecca felt very satisfied. It was such a great way to end the week.

Asked what dancing means to her in one word, Rebecca chose “conversation.” As an introvert, she sometimes shy away from talking. So she finds dancing as a great way to have a non-verbal conversation. Just as you learn about someone’s conversational quirks if you talk with them a few times, you also learn their dancing quirks if you dance with them a few times.