As the summer turns up the heat in dance halls, I’ve discovered a secret that many athletes probably already

I recently received a workout shirt as a gift: Nike Pro Hypercool Dri-FIT Tee. Originally, I thought the perforations on the back was weird, but gave it a try anyways. As soon as I put on the shirt, I immediately felt cool.So much so that I had to put on a jacket to walk over for my workout. After working out, my back wasn’t getting drenched as would normally happen when I wear a regular T-shirt.

Excited, I thought this would be great to wear for dancing too! In fact, I wore it to Palo Alto Contra and a few other dances too. According to the tags, the “Dri-FIT fabric pulls away sweat from your skin” and the “zoned ventilation” provide strategic venting. The only downside is it cannot go into the dryer, so I need to remember to take it out of the laundry batch after the washer. But air drying is not an issue because it dries very fast.

It was so awesome that I wanted to buy more when I saw them on sale on, but alas I didn’t act fast enough before the sale ended. Then I recently found them on sale on for $26.99 and bought another one! I wasn’t able to get the same color so I got Spring Leaf Green instead (pictured left). I see that also has them on sale for $34.97 but for other colors (pictured right).


I discussed this shirt with Stephanie of Ballroom Connection, where I got my dance shoes. She warned that shirts that pull sweat away from the skin may make the wearer feel better, but the sweat may surface on the shirt and make the partner uncomfortable. Since I don’t have a regular dance partner, it’s hard for me to ask people to compare my different shirts. In the end, I decided this is still a good shirt because it felt way drier than a regular cotton shirt after a workout, so touching a drier shirt must feel better for both the wearer and the partner, right? I’ve also asked Stephanie to look into the shirt, so maybe I’ll get a more professional opinion soon!


UPDATE: I wore this shirt to Friday Night Waltz‘s 15th Anniversary Dance, and three of my frequent partners (who also read this blog post) vouched that this shirt does not feel any less comfortable than shirts I’ve worn before. The only difference is they could feel the athletic wear textile is different than the typically cotton shirts I wear. So I deem it safe to wear for social dancing!