This is the seventh in a series of Dance Spot posts highlighting different places to go dancing in SF Bay Area.

Dance Spot: Fish and Farm Fridays
Price: Free, but buying food/drinks highly encouraged
Time: Fridays 6-9pm
Location: Downstairs of Fish and Farm, 424 Clay Street, San Francisco, CA 94111

DSC00751 (2)Last Friday, I was up in San Francisco for a day. So I decided to go dancing there! A friend told me Fish and Farm Fridays just started having dances a few weeks ago.He wouldn’t be going on this day so I dragged along Lingke, who used to do Latin Ballroom Competitive Dancing and recently moved to SF.

When we got to Fish and Farm, we didn’t know where to go inside the reataurant. After inquiring about the “downstairs event,” we were directed to the back. As we walked towards the staircase, I started hearing music to my excitement! Downstairs is a cozy room with people dancing and music playing. We introduced ourselves to the welcoming organizers, put down our stuff, and started dancing.

DSC00728The DJ says he’s been dancing for 20 years, and in charge of the event for three weeks while the main guy is on vacation. The place has a very happy vibe and dancers would even look at my camera and smile as they spot me taking pictures. Around the edges of the room are tables and chairs for people to eat and drink when they take a break from dancing.

Because they know I’m a newcomer, dancers would also tell me about other Lindy Hop events in the city. One follow told me this one dancer is really great and very friendly to beginners. He always makes the follow feel great after dancing with him regardless of my level. After dancing with him, he even told me who I should dance with next.

Shortly before the event is supposed to end at 9pm, the DJ announces that the restaurant is letting us stay longer. But we should keep buying food and drinks so the restaurant will be happy and continue to let us stay.

Although I came here after dinner, I’m excited to have found a place that serves food and drinks. This way, I won’t have to inhale my dinner before dancing or starve, as is often the case when I go dancing after a day at work. Lingke also enjoyed the music and the vibe, and may come back after he’s taken some proper Lindy Hop classes.