A while ago, I featured Lewis in the Dancer Spotlight series. Lewis embodied so many values in dancing that I want to highlight them.


When Lewis first tried dancing as a freshman in college, he was not good at all. He described himself as a “Nerdy Asian kid with 2 left feet”
who couldn’t imagine life as a skilled dancer. But Lewis wouldn’t let it beat him, and kept at it. He has since continued dancing for 9 years, and pretty amazing at dancing Lindy Hop in my opinion.


Lewis approaches dancing with a growth mindset. He is very thoughtful in his approach to improve dancing. Before dancing, Lewis often jots down a few notes about things he’d like to keep in mind during the dance.

Lewis likens learning dances to learning languages. Taking Social Dance 1 is like learning a few words of a language — you can get by with enough good intentions. At the time, he dreamed of going from a beginner to becoming a fluent dancer. Now, he feels he can get to know a person through dancing because dancing is like having a deep conversation.


To Lewis, dancing means community. So his
typical dance outing involves friends. Before dancing, Lewis catches up with friends about their lives over dinner — having fun while eating out at a restaurant or cooking together at someone’s home. After dancing, they go to a bubble tea place and carouse far into the night.

In Lewis’ own words: “My friends are very some of the most talented, amazing people ever and I’m happy that we’ve kept up bonds through and after school.  While most of us tread very diverse academic/professional paths and keep ourselves incredibly busy, our mutual love of dance continuously brings us together.  Dances are a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and form new friendships.”postDanceTea