This is the fourth of a series of Dancer Spotlights to show how dancing fits into someone’s day.

Michael is a gradudating MBA student at Stanford. Dancing has been part of his culture growing up in Nigeria. Michael decided to learn to dance in college, and chose ballroom dancing for its real-life social application. When he saw older dancers, he knew he made the right choice because he can keep dancing when he’s older. He then started taking private lessons and competing but stopped when it became too expensive. Then when Michael came to Stanford, he joined Los Salseros De Stanford and tried to dance every day.

On Monday, Michael looked up where to go dancing on Salsa by the Bay. Then he took a shower and got dressed before driving to the Salsa class, feeling excited. He loves seeing the progress he makes, and feels inspired to continue investing in dancing because he has so much more to learn. After dancing, he goes home, takes off his sweaty clothes, and relax on the couch watching video before migrating to the bed.

Michael will be moving to Korea for work after he graduates from Stanford this weekend, and plans on continuing to work on Salsa.