This is the third of a series of Dancer Spotlights to show how dancing fits into someone’s day.

Kaixi is a graduate student studying Computational and Mathematical Engineering at Stanford. She first started with square dancing when studying in France, and went square dancing at Stanford Quads when she came to Stanford. It was at these events that she met her current boyfriend, who was taking Social Dance 1 with Richard Powers. He then took her to Friday Night Waltz a few times and convinced her to take Richard’s dance classes too.

On Wednesday, Kaixi spent the morning outside in the sunny weather, studying for her upcoming CFA exam. However, she realized just before lunch that her financial calculator was out of battery and she didn’t have the proper screwdrivers to change the battery. So she showed up to dance class after lunch rather worried. Luckily, dance helped her relax and relieved some of her stress.

After dance class, Kaixi studied a bit at the library before picking up her my weekly fruit box. It included rainier cherries and apricots from local farms! Then after online search, she decided to shuttle to Walmart for high precision screwdrivers. With these new screwdrivers, she adventurously changed the batteries on her calculator.

Kaixi will be moving to New York after she graduates from Stanford in a week, and hopes to find places to continue dancing.