This is the second of a series of Dancer Spotlights to show how dancing fits into someone’s day.

Alina is a senior at Stanford. She heard about Social Dance all the time while at Stanford, and finally decided to give it a goher senior year fall quarter. After taking Social Dance 1, she really enjoyed it and decided to take 2 & 3 as well.

On Wednesday morning, Alina started her day with eating breakfast while Skyping with her long-distance boyfriend. She then learned to play her brand new ukulele from Youtube videos. This was followed by lunch with a talented guitarist friend and more ukulele jamming together. Next she biked to meet me before dance class. As always, Alina is beaming with energy and a welcoming smile. After dance class, Alina biked to CS 106B lecture.

When asked how she felt before and after dancing, Alina’s response: Obligated -> Energized. Wednesdays are long 14-hour days for Alina where she starts at 7:30 am in the┬ámorning. So sometimes she’s tired by 1:30pm and want to┬árest instead. However, almost always, she leaves feeling glad and grateful that she made the decision to attend dance class, leaving energized and happy.

Alina will be moving to Hong Kong & Beijing after she graduates from Stanford in two weeks, and she hopes to find places to continue social dancing. If you have any recommendations, please let us know below!