This is the first of a series of Dancer Spotlights to show how dancing fits into someone’s day.

Simon is a PhD student at Stanford studying networks using Graph theory. He used to do line dancing in New Zealand, and first discovered Social Danceat Stanford 2 years ago when a friend got him to take Social Dance class. After taking several dance classes as lead, Simon started to take classes as follow so he could better teach dancing to his fiancee.

Before going to dance class today, Simon ate lunch at his desk, and then walked from his apartment to dance class. As we walked together after class and I asked him questions, I noticed he picked up trash left on the ground and toss it into the trash bin.

I asked how Simon felt before and after dancing. His response: Pondering -> Content.

Simon will be returning to New Zealand in July for his wedding, and plan on doing 6-count swing for his First Dance. We wish him a magical wedding full of joyful dancing.