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May 2016

From following to leading (Part 1)

After completing Richard Powers‘ series of Social Dance classes as a follow, the traditional role for a woman, I decided to learn the other half and go through the classes as lead. Luckily, a few leads dropped out of Social Dance 2 Continue reading “From following to leading (Part 1)”


What would you dance to this? Love Yourself

Last week we started the game of: What would you dance to this?

So far, Nightclub Two-Step is leading the poll for 7 years by Lukas Graham. Click here to enter your vote.

And now, here’s the 2nd of the top 40 songs from Offical Charts

Dancer Spotlight – Alina

This is the second of a series of Dancer Spotlights to show how dancing fits into someone’s day.

Alina is a senior at Stanford. She heard about Social Dance all the time while at Stanford, and finally decided to give it a go Continue reading “Dancer Spotlight – Alina”

Happy World Lindy Hop Day!

Today is World Lindy Hop Day!

If you’d like to give Lindy Hop a try, scroll down to see locations around SF Bay Area, Los Angeles / Orange County Area, and Singapore that I’ve gathered from friends.

About Lindy Hop

Google celebrated by featuring Frankie Manning, considered  Continue reading “Happy World Lindy Hop Day!”

There’s no one right way to dance or coach

At Stanford Graduate School of Business, I was part of the one-year Arbuckle Leadership Fellows program that taught us how to be a coaching manager. We applied concepted learned from class by coaching each other in the program and coaching first year MBA students.

While learning coaching and dancing at the same time, I drew a lot of parallels. Continue reading “There’s no one right way to dance or coach”

What would you dance to this? 7 Years

Let’s play a game of: What would you dance to this?

I will post a song from the top 40 list, and we can all vote what we’d dance to it. Here’s the first song:

EDIT on 5/29: One person voted for Rumba, so I’ve added that to the list of answers.

Dancer Spotlight – Simon

This is the first of a series of Dancer Spotlights to show how dancing fits into someone’s day.

Simon is a PhD student at Stanford studying networks using Graph theory. He used to do line dancing in New Zealand, and first discovered Social Dance Continue reading “Dancer Spotlight – Simon”

Buying My First Dance Shoes

For years, I danced with socks or flat shoes in Social Dance classes at Stanford or Palo Alto with Richard Powers. However, after one night with 5-hours of dancing at Friday Night Waltz, I decided to get dance shoes because my feet and legs were hurting like crazy the next day. Continue reading “Buying My First Dance Shoes”

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